Case Study – Taper Roller Face Grinding

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Case Study Taper Roller Face Finishing

Kerry Abrasives are pleased to share some exciting results from our taper roller grinding wheels for the bearing industry.

In the last years we have developed a new product for the face grinding of taper rollers, which has the capacity to:

  1. improve your bearing efficiency and quality by giving you a taper roller face with a better surface finish and less run out, and
  2. reduce your overheads through its longer wheel life and higher productivity.


Kerry Abrasives taper roller face grinding wheel is made with an epoxy bond and features an inner zone with a coarser grit and an outer zone with a finer grit allowing the part to be ground and polished in one pass. This wheel is designed to fit Modler machines, but it can be fully modified to suit the clients unique requirements.

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“The results are excellent: wheel life has doubled and the surface finish achieved is very good, while reducing the dressing. We are surprised at the efficiency of Kerry Abrasives.” (Client quote)

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