Case Study – Precision Cutting Wheels


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Here at Kerry Abrasives we are busy working with our customers to solve their problems. Collaborating with our customers and continuously improving our products helps us stay tuned to their needs.

Case Study – Improving Thickness Tolerances and Achieving Dimensional AccuracyTube Cutting Abrasive Cutting Wheel

The case study below details how we did this for one customer by improving the axial runout on our thin rubber bonded abrasive cutting wheels. The standard thickness tolerance typical for the industry were not enough to give the required tight tolerance on the straightness/angularity of the cut tube part.

In collaboration with the customer the production process for the cutting wheel was improved and the resulting wheel not only satisfies the customer’s tight dimensional requirements but also reduces the reject rate and improved the cut part rate per wheel.

Follow the link to see the full case study here: Case Study Precision Cutting Wheels