7 Key Features of Kerry Abrasives

  1. Expertise & Experience

    At Kerry Abrasives expertise and experience go hand in hand. The management team have a cumulative experience of working in the abrasives industry of over 60 years and have developed an in-depth understanding of different grinding processes as well as the diverse kinds of metals and their unique finishing challenges. Having delivered solutions to difficult grinding problems has granted Kerry Abrasives a strong foothold in the industry as a reputable supplier of precision engineered abrasive solutions.

  2. Custom Solutions

    Everything we make is made to order. This allows us to be flexible and to modify all our products to the clients specifications in terms of sizes and grades. That’s why we don’t list sizes, specifications and prices and that’s also the reason why we don’t carry any stock items. We provide customised abrasive wheels made to order – and this includes everything from standard cut-off applications to advanced engineered abrasive grinding solutions.

  3. Customer Service & Commitment

    We know the importance our product makes to your manufacturing process. Therefore, Kerry Abrasives are committed to delivering the solutions at the shortest industry lead times for made-to-order precision engineered abrasives.
    At the same time all staff at Kerry Abrasives are dedicated to providing our customers with a positive experience and are here to assist with any queries or issues you might have.

  4. No Risk Policy

    We are dedicated to delivering a solution that works for you. For new enquiries we like to offer either free sample cut off wheels, where appropriate, or payment-by-result terms for an initial trial order. Should you not be satisfied with the performance, there will be no charge to you and our technical department will assist in resolving issues. And of course we will be happy to provide revised samples.

  5. Manufacturing Capabilities

    Continuous investment and improvements in our manufacturing plant are at the core of our strategy in order to be able to deliver best possible solutions to our clients. We have a large array of machinery and a specifically trained and dedicated production team who’s every effort goes into producing reliable and consistent quality grinding, polishing and cut off wheels.
    And of course nothing is leaving our plant without being passed by quality control.

  6. Easy Shipping

    Delivering great value to our clients also includes seeking out the best shipping quotes. And shipping out of Ireland is not as expensive as you might think. As an island nation Ireland depends largely on imports which means that it is relatively cheap to export out of Ireland as the freight vessels (land, sea or air) make their return journey. We can always provide you with a quota for the shipping costs, or if you prefer we can include the cost of shipping into the price quoted for the product.
    Furthermore, delivery times to mainland Europe are no longer than 3-4 business days.

  7. New Product Development

    Kerry Abrasives definition would not be complete without a reference to its dedication to new product development. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges, requiring new product developed from scratch or existing products to be improved to achieve better performances.

    …SO WHAT?
    We like to bring value to your business through the optimisation of your grinding, polishing and cut off processes, thereby increasing your production efficiencies and improving your product finishes.